Solar Panels For Sale – Why Not Build Your Own Instead

The forward advancements in solar power technology have coincided with a major increase in the popularity of solar energy to provide a free, renewable and sustainable source of home electricity. However, many people are still of the opinion that solar electricity panels are probably expensive and unaffordable. However, this is far from the reality. If you are looking at solar panels for sale, why not seriously consider building and installing your own home solar panels instead?

When looking at solar electricity panels for sale, they may be either used panels or new panels but either way, there are distinct disadvantages to be aware of.

Used panels could be being sold for any number of reasons. They could be damaged panels and quite often, unless you know what you are looking for, you wouldn’t even know what damage is present or what constitutes being a damaged panel. Damaged panels will often still produce electricity but will not work efficiently and could even be dangerous to use. You will also not know the history of the panels – who has made them, where they were made or how well they have been put together – in reality, not a recommended option.

There is also the option of course of obtaining yourself new solar panels for sale but there is one major disadvantage to this. Generally speaking, if you were to buy professionally built, brand new solar electricity panels, you could pay anything up to $27,000 including installation, depending on the size of your property and home energy requirements of course. New panels will be expensive and this often puts them out of reach for many people who genuinely want solar panels for home.

So, how about making your own solar panels? Assuming you are serious about acquiring solar energy for home electricity, why not build your own instead. Why look at Solar Panels For Sale when it is quite possible to easily and affordably make your own home solar energy panels from your own home or garage.

There is a growing popularity amongst home owners to build and install their very own solar electricity panels for home. It is a very realistic and simple option and it is one that any serious potential solar electricity panel owner should very seriously consider. The parts required to build solar electricity panels are easily obtainable from most good hardware stores and the simplicity actually building solar panels for home should never be underestimated.

Solar electricity panels for sale – why bother when for a little time, effort and commitment, you can build your own panels for a small fraction of the cost of buying second hand or new.

Solar Power Info – How to Save Money With Home Solar Panels

With all the talk about going “green” these days, it’s important to have access to the latest solar power info before making any decisions about installing solar panels in your home.

Why think about solar power at all? Because you can save money by tapping into the tax credits, rebates, and incentives local and state governments are offering right now. And, in some cases, you might even be able to sell your surplus energy back to your local power company.

Here is some solar power info that will ensure that you enjoy energy savings you can take to the bank.

    • Make sure your panels get the most sun possible. –  Once you’ve installed your solar panels, either on your roof or on your property, you need to keep them free of obstructions that block the sun. So cut tree branches and trim bushes regularly.
    • Keep your panels clean – Wash the panels regularly with water and a soft cloth to remove the bird droppings, dust and other debris that reduce the efficiency of your panels.
    • Install a flow control system – If you’re heating up water with your solar panel, this system will help reduce the amount of water that needs to be heated, enabling it to reach optimal temperatures.
  • Periodically readjust your panels – You’ll need to do this to follow the changes in the angle of the sun during the year. It’s often recommended that you shift the position of your panels at each solstice and equinox so that they are pointed towards the sun’s position no matter what time of year it is. You may have to make special adjustments, depending on the type of panel you have and your location.