Buy Solar Panel E-Books – Learn To Generate Free Electricity and Save on Your Monthly Utility Bills

I was looking to buy solar panel e-book instruction information, just a few years ago, as a way to generate my own solar power energy producing system. The cost of purchasing commercial solar panels was too pricey for me to consider, and recovering the overall expense would take too many years to make it feasible. However, an engineer friend told me it was easy to assemble these panels, hook them up to a solar panel voltage regulator, a battery, and reduce my monthly utility bills. He encouraged me to start slow, construct a few panels, as I could afford them, and over time, build a whole house system, big enough to generate all the energy my home, a family of four, needed on a daily basis.

Doing just a little research, I found that the heart of a solar panel is the Photovoltaic solar cell pack, that uses the rays of the sun to convert that energy into electricity. And that by installing the cells in a container, and placing the unit so it faces the sun, I would have a simple solar panel capable of running lights or small appliances. By creating more of these panels, I could literally take control of my utility costs. I learned it was not hard to fabricate reasonably priced solar panels that would generate free electricity, but I could also make simple windmills that harness the free energy from wind. I realized it was also possible to create a roof system to harness the heat of the sun, even on a cold day, to heat up water and hold it in my existing hot water tank. Following the advice from my friend, I started slow, and began my venture into becoming “green” by producing my first solar panel, with these three easy steps:

1. Purchased Solar Panel E-Book – Searching online, I found a powerful e-book that provided detailed instructions of crafting a solar power generating system, with schematic information to guide me through the process of building solar energy power panels. The instructions included how to fabricate a container to hold the Photovoltaic solar cells, how and where to install solar cells, and attach them together, to manufacture a voltage regulator solar panel. It showed me how to start small, build only a few panels, to use immediately, and keep adding additional panels every few months. By including a battery, I would be able to construct an energy-producing system I could use even when the sun has set.

2. Assembled My First Multi-Panel System – I first sourced the solar cells, searching locally and on the Internet for quality units at an inexpensive price. I purchased my solar collecting cells online, at an auction site, at a very reasonable price.Using readily available materials I found at my local home improvement center, I was able to construct the Photovoltaic solar cell containers. I adjusted the calculations of the schematic drawing of the container to fit the dimensions of the solar cells I purchased. I then stabilized them in the container I built. After getting through the construction of building the first unit, I made multiple panels. Following the instructions, I was able to connect the first panel to the second, and so on, until I had made a mini-system. When I was finished assembling my first mini-system, I installed it on the roof of my house, in alignment with the movement of the sun.

3. Continuing to Grow – My mini-system started producing electricity from the first moment I placed it into the sun. Every few months I fabricated more mini-systems and tied them into the larger system. Within a few years, I had built a solar power system large enough to supply all the energy needs of my home. I now have a system larger than what we need, and sell all the excess power to our local electric company. The utility company installed a reverse meter on my house, which runs backwards as the extra power is sent through the line to the national power grid. Though it produces all the power we can use, and an excess, the entire power producing system takes up only a portion of our roof.

We have never had to compromise how we use electricity in the house. I no longer have a utility bill from my local electric company, as my house is 100 percent solar energy self-supporting. The excess power now provides me with a monthly check from the power company. Because I built the solar panels, as directed, using quality materials, there is virtually no maintenance to keep the solar panels running daily. It has no moving parts, so I expect the system to last as it is for well over 50 years. I am now ready to invest my time in building windmills in the backyard, that will harness the power of the wind and generate even more electricity. I also have enough room left over on my roof to construct a heat collecting system to raise the temperature of the water we use daily for bathing and laundry.

Whether you are a beginning do-it-yourselfer, interested in constructing your own solar-power panels or an electricity aficionado who can make your own tesla coil, manufacturing a solar power system is quick, easy and affordable. The system will begin to pay for itself the moment you install it.

Exact detailed solar panel e-book instructions can be found on the Internet to manufacture your own DIY Solar Power System kit for your business or home, searching for Do-It-Yourself Solar Power Panels. Using affordable materials, you can easily assemble your own solar panel system. Begin by building a small system, and add more panels from the money you save on your utility bills.