Download Solar Panel Information in a PDF Format – 3 Alternative Power Solutions to Save You Money

It is easy to download solar panel info in a PDF format on how to construct and install an alternative solar power generating system, to eliminate purchasing conventional electricity. By constructing solar panels for your home, you can “go green” and help save the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to generate power for your family. With simple guidelines, you can harness the power of the sun and use its rays for heating, cooling and electricity.

Typically, the commercial cost of solar panels makes the investment prohibitive to all but the wealthy. Purchasing ready-made solar panels requires a large amount of money upfront, taking many years to recoup your outlay. However, using a downloadable PDF format solar panel instructional solar training course, it is easy and affordable to assemble and install your own electric generating system, in a relatively short amount of time.

The working heart of any solar panel is a photovoltaic solar cell. This small, lightweight unit converts the sun’s rays into usable electricity; that can be directed to replace your existing conventional power you now purchase from the local utility company. How many solar cells are installed determines how much money you can save on your electric bill month-to-month.

Single Solar Cell Panel – A quick and easy step to begin living a “greener” lifestyle, is to assemble a single Solar cell panel, capable of running a light or small appliance. Building a single panel requires minimal construction materials for the container, and a photovoltaic solar cell. The container’s materials can be found locally at your hardware store, and the solar cell can be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer, or at great discounted prices at auction houses, such as eBay. A single cell solar panel need not be installed, but merely placed in view of the sunlight to work, making it portable or stationary.

Multi-Solar Cell Panels – By connecting groups of single solar cell panels together, you can create a mini-system that can be installed in your yard, or rooftop, to permanently generate photovoltaic electricity each day. Even on cloudy days, there is enough energy from the rays of the sun to produce power. The number of connected panels in the series will determine how much power is generated. Permanently installed multi-solar power generating panels can directly provide the energy needed to run your home, or can be used to charge a battery system for a continuous 24-hour supply of electricity.

Whole House System – Simply connecting multiple multi-solar cell panels together, you can create a whole house system large enough to completely eliminate the need to purchase any conventional electricity from your local utility company. A house system is no more complex than building many single solar cell panels and attaching them together. By creating a system that is twice the size that you need, allows you to sell the excessive amount of energy your panels generate during sunlight through your electric meter, to the electric company. Then, as the sun sets, you simply purchase back your own generated power from the utility corporation, to use while the sun is down. This method eliminates the need for using batteries to store power. Additionally, your whole house system will generate more electricity in the summertime, as the sun stays up longer each day, to provide you the power you will need at night during the winter months.

To download solar panel information, simply search online for do-it-yourself solar power guidelines, or DIY solar power kits. Complete detailed schematic instructions will provide you the systematic information required to assemble and install your own single solar panel, multi-system or whole house solar power generating system.