Fabricated DIY Solar Panels – Generating Electricity From the Rays of the Sun

Downloadable solar panel guidelines, as a PDF formatted file, provide you with schematic instructions and systematic information needed to construct your own whole house solar power generating system. Easy-to-follow information allows any do-it-yourself homeowner, with basic construction skills, to replace their purchased conventional electrical system with home photovoltaic solar power. Depending on the size of the solar generating system you construct, once your unit is installed, it is possible to completely remove yourself from the national power grid. Your newly built system will allow you to continually supply your home with electricity at no cost.

Starting with the Basics – The basics of even the most complex system relies on the same technology as the most simple mini-solar panel. Whether constructing a simple or complex solar energy system, every solar panel consists of a three major components: a photovoltaic solar cell, simple wiring and a container. A solar cell is the energy producing part of a solar panel. Without any moving parts, this photovoltaic cell gathers energy from the sun’s rays and converts it into usable electricity immediately. You start by building a container for the solar cell, using materials easily found at any hardware store. When the container has been fabricated, you will install the solar cell inside the container and attach simple wiring. Once the container with the cell is placed in sunshine, it immediately begins producing electrical power. The simple basic solar cell can run a light or small appliance.

Creating a Multi-Panel System – After you have crossed the hurdle of fabricating a basic simple solar cell unit, you need only fabricate additional units, and connect them together to produce a multi-panel system. By connecting multiple single solar panels together, you will produce enough power to support the energy needs of many lights and appliances in your home. A system built and installed with multiple containers of solar cells, is big enough to provide electricity to a large portion of your home’s power needs. By tying the multi-panel system together with a battery system, it is possible to store additional unused electricity that can be used at night, after the sun has set. Because of a simple design, you can build additional single solar panels when ever you have time and money to easily increase the size of your Multi-Panel System.

Constructing a Whole House System – Living a fossil-free lifestyle by producing all of your own electricity using renewable resources, such as sunshine, can be accomplished through the construction of a whole house solar power system. A whole house system is nothing more than a group of multi-panel systems connected together, installed either on the roof of your home, or close by. At some point in the construction process you will have created a system large enough to support the immediate needs of your home’s energy requirements, so long as the sun is in the sky. However, by “over-building” your solar power generating system, you can also produce the electricity your house needs at night, when the solar panel is dormant. You will need to be able to store the unused energy until it is required. This type of solar power generating system, not only saves your money on your utility bill each month, but is good for the environment.

A whole house system can be built at least two different ways. First, you can construct a system large enough to provide your entire home with all the required energy it needs, along with excess power which is stored in batteries, to use when the sun is down. This type of design works well in remote locations, where local conventional energy is not available. Second, you can build a system large enough to supply your house with all the needed electricity, along with an excess that can be sent to the power grid (the electric company). This excess power will make the electric meter run backwards, during the day, providing you a credit from the power company. In the evenings, you will simply draw the power you need from your electric company, running your meter forward, as you take your solar panel generated power back. This type of system allows you the luxury of using your generated power without having to make or purchase batteries, and maintain them. This type of system takes full advantage of all the resources available to making your solar panels work efficiently without the additional expense of using batteries.

There are now other options to high electric bills, and the cost of purchasing commercially manufactured solar power panels to generate free electricity at your home. With simple building materials, it is easy to assemble solar panels that will generate energy for your home use, increase the value of your residence and last for decades, with little maintenance. With solar panel information, as a PDF formatted file, you will receive all of the required instructions to construct your own solar power panels, from simple basic solar cells units, up to a whole house DIY solar panel system. Research online for this information, by searching for Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel Projects, or DIY Solar Power Info.