Pool Solar Panels

Did you know that you can build your own pool solar panels and save yourself thousands of dollars? Not to mention that energy bill savings you’ll be making as well. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require you to have stack of solar experience or an engineering degree, or even to understand the ins and outs of the term ‘photovolatic’. The panels usually cost over $20,000 to buy and have installed. Sometimes it’s closer to $30,000. Saving the planet, it seems, can be an expensive business.

Building your own panels cuts your costs dramatically and it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, this is not even a new idea; thousands of people all over the world have begun making their own. There is even a step by step online guide that you can print off that will show you how to do it. It’s even a fun project for the average Do It Yourself handyman.

I can’t imagine now why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for solar energy when you can build your own for much less than this. And you can build more than one panel if you need to. You can create your own energy farm.

How much money can you save? I hear you ask. Well, let’s take a look.

Retail solar panels cost around $1,125 uninstalled. With installation costs on top, you could end up paying over $27,000 for your entire house! (based on 2007 Installed Costs from ScienceDaily.com of $7.50/watt). The step by step DIY guide I used was good for creating 60-watt to 120-watt panels for less than $200. I could probably have dne it for less than $100 if I’d been a bit more energetic about collecting the materials myself. I’ve even heard that, if you’re prepared to rebuild and reconnect broken solar cells, you can build a panel for under $30. This isn’t difficult to do for your average Do It Yourselfer.