Solar Panels Information – How They Work and How They Can Work For You

So your thinking of going green or you want to save money on your power-bill. And you’ve decided Solar Power is the solution. In this solar panel information article I will give you all the info you need about solar panels, how they can work for you and how to significantly reduce the cost of solar panels.

– How they work

Ok, I’m not going to give you the scientific explanation because it’s a little difficult to understand and it’s not really necessary to know to be able to set up a solar panel. All you really need to know, which I’m sure you already do, is sun hits solar panel (not literally), panel converts it to electricity and then Hey Presto! you have power.

– How they can work for you

1. Green Energy – Totally environmentally friendly

2. Save money – You can save on or completely wipe out your power bill

3. Low maintenance – Once you’ve got your panel installed, you can enjoy free power without any maintenance

4. Make money – This is the one most people don’t know about. I you generate more power than you use you can sell this power back to the electricity companies.

So if it’s so great why doesn’t everyone have one. There is one main disadvantage. Purchasing the solar panel.
Retail systems are very expensive. A decent retail system is likely to cost you in excess of $10,000. This puts most people off.

So how can you significantly reduce the cost of getting your own solar power system for your home. The answer is to build and install your own solar panels. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and you can make your first panel for under $200

So if you’re like I was before I did this for myself and don’t know anything about building, electricity or solar technology you probably think this is not an option for you. So did I. But then I found a guide that explained everything and it was targeted at a beginner. I followed it and was surprised how simple it was.